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Exploring the people working in technical communication, content strategy, and developer relations across industries and professions.

Applying a UX & Technical Writing Lens to Mail-in Voting

Take a look at our lean breakdown of the mail-in voting experience from 2020! In this post, Jeremiah and I walked through the basics steps of finding out how to vote by mail in three states—California, Florida, and Georgia. We find out more about the shortcomings of search and how the results differ among the three. Click the post to continue reading and find our insights.
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Write the Docs Portland 2020 - Wrapup

Check out shift J reflection from 2020! At the Write the Docs Portland conference in 2020, we ran a separate session hosting experienced technical writers and collecting advice for those getting started. Folks shared their thoughts on building solid portfolio pieces, catering your experience to your applications, and demonstrating your value to organizations. Click on to read more from this post.
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UX Writer Conference - Wrapup

Find shift J in conference mode—circa 2020! Learn about the feedback from all kinds of technical writers sharing their expertise to those getting started. The summaries and bits from the conference have information about choosing your field, building your portfolio, and next steps with interiewing. Check out the full article for more.
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